Thursday, August 18, 2011

Before I fell in love with Don Bosco...

I have really dreamed of having a garden wedding reception. I love the outdoors and the nostalgic memories that bring me every time I see a garden wedding set up. But Mark and I had to forgo our decision of having this plan, due to location and of course, the budget.

Before I fell in love with the lovely altar and decided to book Don Bosco Church, the Nature’s Church in Las Pinas was actually my first choice where I wanted to exchange vows with Mark. Only a few bride-to-be’s know this church, so let me share some good points and some reasons why I wanted to get married on this church before.

Nature’s Church, or also known as Mary Immaculate Parish is famous for it’s garden feel experience. The atmosphere is very perfect for couples who want to have a garden wedding, but still held on a church. The place has mango trees and a beautiful garden. Just perfect for a refreshing and solemn wedding. The ceiling has capiz doves, and instead of long benches, the chairs are logs. Up to this moment, I can still imagine walking on the aisle w/ this church. – but that doesn’t mean I am not happy w/ Don Bosco. I’ve moved on na! :D

The wedding rate for this wonderful church is 6500 for parishioner and 9500 for non-parishioner. However, non-parishioners are required to get their in-house caterer for the reception. So couples would be left w/ no choice but to hold their reception on the restaurant, / cafĂ©, just beside the church. (Nature-feel too). Here’s a glimpse of how the Nature’s Church looks like. 

See the chairs? They are actually logs!!!

Capiz doves on the ceiling ♥

My family and I used to go here to hear Sunday mass, so this church was very memorable to me as well. But with it's location not being so accessible to our guests, we had to let go of Nature's Church.  

Aside from Nature’s Church in Las Pinas, Mark and I also thought of having our wedding reception at Bali, Garden. This is situated along the boundary of Cavite & Alabang – Zapote Rd. But again, due to its site, we had to let go of this idea, AGAIN.

Up to this moment, I still want to have our wedding reception to be held here. This has been my first choice, and will always be. But of course, we have to let go some of our ‘wants’ – most especially that the rates here are quite high.

When you step in to the garden of Bali Garden, you would totally feel as if you were on a different country. No more decoration needed, since the venue indeed, is 100% stunning, striking, and grandeur, - need I say more? =)

See pictures below:

Breath - taking ♥
Chandelier made of capiz!
Take a look at the ceiling!
Their set menu is Thai dishes

Such a unique couples table ;) 

The last time I checked with them, their starting package was 38,00(not complete amenities yet), and now, their rates bumped up to 73,000 (complete package already). (How'd I know bout it? - it's because I still e-mail them from time to time, to check their rates. I've been stalking them for quite some time, and looking at the pictures on their multiply site. Hoping that one day, I'd celebrate one of our future events on this very beautiful venue) haha. Nevertheless, their rates are still worth every penny, and much affordable as compared to other famous wedding reception venues. 

And since Mark and I won’t celebrate our wedding reception in Bali Garden, for sure, we will celebrate one of our milestones here, in the future. (25th wedding anniversary, I suppose?) :D

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