Thursday, August 25, 2011

Online Save-the-Date ♥

To cut down wedding costs, Mark and I mutually decided to have an online Save-the-Date instead, rather than have the cards printed out. It’s not just practical, but the information that we’re going to tell our guests are not that limited. Usually, the information on the STD cards only includes the date of the wedding and the church where the wedding ceremony would take place.

Here are some actual STD cards grabbed from Wink's website:

But since we’ll have it posted online (Thank you so much Wix!), we get to inform our guests, a brief background about the wedding. 

The design we were supposed to print out for our Save-the-Date cards, became the background for the main page on the website. But of course, only the guests will be informed the actual link of the website. We don’t want to divulge and inform every one  the website link. LOL. Here's a glimpse of how the actual website looks like:

Disclaimer: The background has been truncated for privacy purposes. hehe!

Suppliers list

Guests can check all the information about the wedding. Starting from the wedding date, down to our wedding motif. =) There is also a link on the website for the virtual map where guests can check how to go to the church and reception.

Total savings: 1,500 plus taxes– (1,500 is still 1,500) – we can already buy a lot of stuff with this amount!  The last time I checked w/ Wink, their STD costs 15 per piece and minimum order would be 100 pieces. Tee Hee, we’re only eyeing for 100 guests, and I don’t think we have to give each and every one of them an STD card. LOL. We don't want to throw the extra pieces, or keep em' on a treasure box. hehe. But we’ll surely get their services for our wedding invitations. =)

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