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Our accomodating suppliers ♥

I am so eager to post reviews about our major suppliers but since the wedding day is not yet over, I can’t do it yet since technically, we’re still on the planning stage. Hehe. But let me rundown and carve up good things about our suppliers ;)

Don Bosco Church – Mark and I booked them last March, and we can say that the associates on the church are really accommodating. However, we weren’t able to talk to the person in charge of weddings, since she usually arrives between 2 to 4 PM. (we went there at exactly 9:00AM) haha. I heard that Ms. Ging (person in charge) is really nice and they really make the wedding ceremony worry free. 

The moment we booked them for our 2012 wedding, the person we transacted business said that we should already submit the marriage license & certificates 2 weeks after the date of our reservation. Being baffled by the requirements she told us, Mark and I already wanted to back out and check NSDG instead. However, with my inquisitiveness, I told the girl that we cannot present the requirements yet, since the validity of the license is only good for 2 months. And so she checked her records again, and she just found out that she inadvertently reserved us for May 2011 wedding. Haha. After she found this slip, she immediately gave us questionnaires that will be asked by the parish priest to Mark and I for our Canonical interview which is scheduled on December 6. =)

 (non-air-conditioned) – 17,000
Air-conditioned – 22,500
Reservation is only 2,000 & yes, they do accept pencil bookings

·         The wedding ceremony within the Holy Mass.
·         The registration forms, marriage certificate, red carpet (center aisle), nuptial and unity candles and booklets (for the couple only).
·         Flowers in the center aisle and around the altar.

They recently updated their package rates, since the rates posted on their website includes the organist & soloist. 

Taken from my Phone's cam. Don Bosco lights up the altar during masses & weddings. Take a look at the picture below to give you a glimpse of how it looks like ;) 
Lovely Altar!!!
Church set - up (Photo courtesy of Mr. Google)
Great Eastern Hotel – after going to Don Bosco, we immediately went to GEH, hoping we could reserve our wedding date too. I was informed by the receptionist that the reservation fee is 10% of our total bill. Since I have been exchanging emails and calling the hotel before we went there, I have already partially computed our total bill, so I thought that reservation would be 10K. In contrast with the reviews I read online for GEH, I would like to express that the attendants are really nice and 100% accommodating. They were kind enough to answer all my inquiries even if our contract with them had too many erasures due to my numerous change of mind. Haha. We initially booked the grand ballroom (the one w/ winding stairs) but we went back to have it changed to Empress Ballroom. So again, changes have been made w/ our contract again. I looked at the other contract on their folder, and good gracious, the couple’s contract was too clean. As in no erasures. Hihi.

MV Dela Cruz – Balo – MV will be our HMUA artist during our pre nup and wedding day. She was referred to me by a GT sis (Female Network). MV or Maricar is so nice, and always replies to my inquiries. (whether email or via text message). She does make up for passion, and she uses high end, and branded make ups ONLY. =) Since this isn’t her full time job, her rates are 100% tempting. I’ve seen her works on her FB account too!

Rachebeli Wines – I learned about Rachebeli through GT Forum – one sis posted a topic about this and I tried to lurk and back read all the replies. Curious as I was, I checked their website and was really impressed by their products. I shoot an email asking for their promo (they had a summer promo the time I emailed them) and they instantly replied within 24 hours. They also reply fast via text message. Mark and I are lucky enough to avail of the Bride’s package & double the freebies promo. In order to avail of their promo, couples must book a total of 30 cases . Good thing the time I booked them, slots were available & there was a volunteer consolidator. Our freebies?: 24 customized labeled chocolates worth 1200. (such a great steal, isn’t it?)

 Velvet Musical – since organist is not included on Don Bosco’s package, Mark and I have to find something that can make our wedding ceremony more solemn and lovely. Hehe. I first heard Velvet Musical played during Mother’s day and I was truly touched by the way they played (that time, I didn’t know that the name of the quartet band is Velvet Musical) – The moment I saw their contact info on Metro Weddings Magazine, I immediately emailed Sir Edwin but that time, I didn’t know that they were the quartet band who played in SM. I only found it out when I checked their website and recognized their faces. Sir Edwin is super magalang, most especially over the phone. He loves saying ‘PO’. :D

Reservation is only 2,000 and dates are interchangeable.
Rate for Quartet: 12,000 (church and reception) – with unlimited songs ;)

Picture Capture – I got them through an online buying site, and was able to get their promo rate for only 5,000. Their original price is 10,000 for 3 hours. I was planning to book our photobooth during wedding fair, and I find this deal more affordable rather than getting a 20% discount from the fair. So this is also a steal for us. Reservation must be made at least 2 weeks before the wedding, but the owner was again, kind enough to pencil book our wedding date. ;) They are easy to reach via text message, and the owner was very accommodating too!

Ysabela Florist – Ysabela florist is one of the best and nicest suppliers we have talked to. They are too kind and so patient with all my requests and inquiries whether it be email or text. Ysabela was referred to me by a GT sis too. They were able to customize a package for me good for wedding entourage and reception flowers. I gave them my budget, and they are very much willing to work on it. Just like what the owner said to me over the phone, when I called them last March “Lahat po napag uusapan Ms. Kat” ;)

Norly Dizon – To be honest, I never had plans hiring an emcee during our wedding day since what Mark and I really wanted is to have someone host our wedding party who knows the love story between us. But due to the good reviews I have seen online (FYI: I’ve never read negative reviews about him) All the brides really loved how he handled the guests and to top that, he’s a good singer too! And so I was persuaded to book him even 10 months before the wedding. Norly is just so in demand, and I made sure that we book our wedding date 100% on time. Luckily, due to our early booking, Norly gave me a freebie. ;) A female receptionist!!! See picture below:

Nope, Angel Locsin is not the receptionist!!! ♥
Reservation: 50% -- so that would be 4,000 to block off the date
Total rate: 8,000

Zandel’s Mini Cooper Rental -    Unlike other brides, I included bridal car on our major supplier list. I searched online via Sulit.PH and to Mr. Google, and had too many options in mind. But since Mark wanted to inject something unique, I opted to have a Mini cooper as our bridal car. They reply fast on email and text, but you have to call them because they reply kind of vague via text message.

Reservation: 3000 – to block off the date; this is refundable
Total rate: 6,000 (good for 4hours, flowers and driver) – Pearl white mini cooper

Rosy’s Bridal Shop – I’ll make this short, True to its tag, the owner and the manananahi are very accommodating -- They kept us calling 'apo' and 'anak'.

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