Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flowers on Wedding Reception - Part 2 ♥

For the past few days, I’ve been crazy thinking about the reception set up we are going to have on our wedding day. I haven’t met officially with our florist, so I am a bit clueless how they are going to cater our wedding needs. (Though we were able to reserve our wedding date already)

After deciding to get an outside florist, I became too pressured as I try to squeeze in the budget we have set for the wedding. Their rates are quite high as compared what GEH offered to me, but still we are firm that we want them to decorate the venue for the wedding party. 

Finally, after months of checking their facebook account and lurking for some pictures, at last they posted some pictures that were taken from a wedding which was held on a Chinese restaurant. – Now, I already have an idea how they do the set up, and I am quite impressed. ;) I’m too excited to meet them on October! They also do well on church set- up.

Below are the pictures I have grabbed from their account. 

Yes, they do draping! Starting price is 9K up to 30K ♥

Reception style for our wedding would look a lil bit like this! ♥

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