Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Monograms & Labels

Wedding Monogram - are stylized letters representing the bride and groom. They can consist of just the couple’s initials or their names spelled out. They can also be with or without the couple’s wedding date and other wedding related graphics. - http://www.dntdynamite.com/monograms/

Monograms are so important to Mark & I since it serves as our customized logo on our wedding day. It is so useful, because we can use it as a decoration or stickers for our wedding favors. It makes our souvenirs more personalized.

However, it wasn’t an easy task for me to create our monogram since I am not that proficient in using Adobe or even Paint. I easily get amazed by some B2B’s who get to design their own monogram since they can customize their logo according to their motif and wants. Good thing I was able to stumble on this very useful website that offers a lot of DIY for B2B’s! ;)

So here are the monograms I was able to create =) 

Here are some of the labels I was able to create too ☻  

Tag for wedding favors (For ladies)

Tag for wedding favors (for guys)
The concept would be like this: 
Isn't it cute? But instead of having lips and mustache as the wedding favors, we'll have OATMEAL cookies (courtesy of Mazey's)

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