Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding dresses & Veils

It has been a very dull week for me, and I feel as if there is no more progress on our wedding plans. Maybe it’s because we’re already done planning and booking our suppliers, and all we need to do wait for our wedding day. Hopefully Mark and I didn’t miss anything with the suppliers, because the only supplier we haven’t booked formally is the couturier. (Too early to have our first fitting and measurement taking) =)

While feeling a bit monotonous, and hunger for updating my wedding blog, let me share some of my wedding gown inspirations. IT has been, and will always be my frustration to wear a mermaid or a serpentine cut wedding dress. Too much beads is a no-no for me, since I want my wedding gown to be simple. However, I want ruffles and overlay to adorn my dream dress. ♥

 If serpentine and mermaid cut won't suit me, then these would be my alternatives: 

Oh, how I wish I can afford to have a Vera Wang wedding gown!

Who would have thought that this gown is made from Divilandia? :)

This gown too!

A Veluz wedding gown. Gee, how I wish I could spend 80K for a wedding dress. LOL

On my top list! (but was inserted on the bottom part) hehe
As far as the veil is concern, I’m still torn whether to wear a bird-cage veil or the ever-classical famous wedding veil (long train - I'm not sure how they call it. I even heard someone calling it trail gown. hehe!)

Without the lace :)

I still can’t decide though. But what I am thinking right now is, I am going to wear a wedding veil (the long one), and wear the bird cage veil on the wedding reception. ;) At least I get to satisfy my ‘wants’. I just hope it wouldn’t hurt our pockets, since from what I have searched online; bird cage veils costs as much as 2,000 to 8,000 depending on the materials that will be used. – but if my creativity strikes, perhaps a DIY would do. (which I believe would prevail). Also, I have a fellow GT sister (sis Karmi), who said that she can make a bird cage veil for me,– oh, and by the way, she made her own bird cage veil too for her upcoming wedding this Sept. 2011. Best wishes sis!!! See pictures below for her DIY bird cage veil.  

Fascinators for her entourage

The bride-to-be's lovely veil!

Isn't it beautiful? How I wish I can be creative and crafty as her! ♥

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