Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Applying for NSO Birth Certificate Online

After finding out that we cannot request for a copy of Baptismal & confirmation certificates yet, (since Don Bosco requires it at least 6 months before the wedding), I finally decided to pay the NSO birth certificate I have requested from Teleserv 2 months ago. :D I am just waiting the courier to deliver it at our door step., prolly tomorrow. So for those who haven’t tried requesting for a copy of NSO birth certificate over the phone, here are the information you need to provide them:
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Complete Name
Place of birth
Birth date (of course!)  
Mother’s maiden name
Father’s name
The person who will receive the birth certificate (authorization needed)

Fee is 330.00 – it’s actually way cheaper if couples would go to NSO personally, but with all the hassle and long lines, plus the transportation fee, I think it’s much easier and more comfortable to order online or thru Teleserv.

On that note, we have to change our wedding calendar and tweak some of the plans we need accomplish before the wedding day.

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