Friday, August 19, 2011

Pre-nuptial ideas ♥

I love looking at wedding pictures as well as SDE videos (same day edit). I always caught myself shedding tears and giving me the feeling of excitement to walk down the aisle. If seeing videos and pictures makes me cry, how much more if it’s already my turn to meet Mark on the altar?

Up to this moment, I still don’t know what ‘theme’ to instill on one of our e-sessions and SDE. I know this is the job of P/V, but I want my ideas to be inculcated on our photos and videos. Something that says about us, and our wants.

 All I know is that I want a vintage + mafia + child-like theme? It’s hard to integrate these thoughts on a single theme, so I am thinking of 3 concepts just to have the themes that ‘I’ want. But since I have many thoughts in my mind, I don’t know how to put these ideas into operation. Haha.

Why vintage? – I honestly fell in love w/ the vintage concept, most especially that I am a big fan of Katty Perry. No she’s not that old to be considered as vintage, but her looks on some of her music videos are just breath taking. Remember her music video: “Thinking of You”? she just looks amazing and her make-up looks so perfect on her. But would it look perfect on me too? Oh well, it’s too early to tell. Philippine Airforce in Villamor Airbase would be our venue for this E-session.
Good thing I have 2 trial make-up schedules, so I would know if curls and hot red lipstick would look good on me! ;) Also I have a great feeling that bird cage veil or any headpiece would look good on me. LOL. Evidences below. hahaha!!! :D -- No negative comments please, just agree with me. LOL

Striking a pose!!! ahahah
With H2B

Mafia –  I love the concept of Mark wearing a suit or tux with a matching hat. I’m pretty sure it looks good on him. Also, this concept is also 'vintageous'.  I think it’s elegant to wear plain black dress, plus heels, while Mark wear a tuxs? Good thing Baclaran is just near our place, and we'll be able to buy cheap dresses & suits. The life sized chess board & pieces in Pan de Amerikana is so perfect for this theme!

grabbed from:

Here are some samples pics, I've grabbed from one of my GT friends in Female Network, wedding website. (Thank you sis Becca!) -

The hanging bridge ;)
Child like - just like the old saying goes, there’s a child inside every one of us, and even if Mark and I are already getting married, we want to inculcate this on one of our themes. Most especially in my case, I always trust in happy endings, and believed about prince and princesses. So I guess, this is a good way of showing what we were when we still ‘young’. (I’m not saying that we’re already old) – our happy side.

We’re not going to show some stuffed toys, cars and the like on the picture, but rather colorful set- up. I’m thinking, bubbles and balloons would do. Anything colorful ;) – I think La mesa Eco-Park would be perfect for this concept. ;)

From Noel Salazar's website

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