Friday, August 19, 2011


Wedding cupcakes are not just a fad, but are becoming more of a tradition for couples getting married. Some would say that cupcakes tend to get more expensive as compared to a 3-tiered wedding cake. But it still depends though, if couples have the leisure to check out suppliers, surely they would find a wedding cupcake supplier that would fit in on their budget.

Lucky me, I know someone who makes delicious pastries – and to top that, it really is affordable! Just like her cupcakes, her rates ARE 100% tempting! ;)

Aside from cupcakes, she makes oatmeal cookies, choco chip cookies, snickerdoodles, strawberry & blue berry cheesecake, chocolate cake, banana cake, choco fruits and nuts, banana muffins – name it and she can make it. Oh, did I already mention that she also tried to bake a wedding cake?!

The design of her cupcakes may not be the same as the other wedding cupcakes you would see on the Internet, but gee, I’m pretty sure, if you’re going to add some toppers on the cupcake, it would look as if you ordered it from DC cupcakes. (hehe). 
Cupcakes overload!

Home-made Oatmeal cookies!

That's me! As if I am eating a bite size cupcake!!!

If you're going to take a look at the third picture, from the bottom of this post, the end-results of our wedding favor would be:

Tadaaaaa!!! -- except that our wedding cupcake doesn't have a cherry! :D

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