Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lauriat Style Reception ♥

The style of our wedding party is actually different from the ones I have witnessed. Most of the parties I have attended are buffet which I find too classy. Honestly I am no fan of buffet set up since I hate falling in line. There will come a time that guests would pile up and line gets too crowded if it’s already eating time. And it’s somehow a shame for me to get lots of foods when I know someone is waiting for his/her turn to get the ladle I am holding. So I am left with no choice to stick with the ‘Lauriat’ style setting for a wedding reception, and felt really fortunate that this is the kind of food that GEH is offering; mainly because it’s a Chinese restaurant. -- Owned & operated by Aberdeen Court.

Another fear I have in mind right now is the reception set-up included on their packages. Their rates are reasonable but with that being said, we can’t expect too many amenities like other hotels could offer. But who cares anyway, what’s important is we get to save more money and cut down the costs for our wedding expenses.

When we booked them last March, Mark and I reserved the Grand Ballroom, which is actually the best function room they have. It has a winding staircase which I’ve been raving for quite some time. We upgraded everything from food to cake and down to the flower set up. That time, I was thinking, 10,000 for a flower set up is already reasonable since the banquet specialist told me that the function room would be full of flowers.

However, as the wedding day gets nearer and nearer, I am becoming more meticulous and so conscious with the decoration for the function room. I tried to search pictures online, and was not so happy with the decoration they have done on previous events. The flowers are just so off and really not my type. The curtains & drapes looks contemptible. Shall I complain about it? Just like the old saying goes: You only get what you pay for. So I don’t think I have the right to be nitty-picky at all. But wait, this is my wedding and it MUST be perfect in my eyes; not to my guest’s eyes.

So I decided, just lately, that we can still avail their services, but take off the flower set up package, and hire someone who is already trusted in the reception-styling industry. What I am thinking is what we just need is a simple centerpiece ( brown & pink ) and a table number with our pictures on it. We need not too many decorations on each table since serving of food would be Lauriat style. Good thing Ysabela Florist was kind enough to customize a package that would suit our budget!

12 centerpieces
Decoration for couples table & Presidential table

I am also thinking to fill the dance floor with balloons! Sad thing we cannot have a fog machine since the room has a smoke detector. But we might opt for a bubble machine instead ;)
Does it look like a children's party? :D I hope not!

No need for a curtain and the like – a simple set up is more alluring to the eyes. 

Below are the sample set up pictures that I have seen online for a Lauriat style wedding reception. 

This is the set up I am eyeing for, simple yet too elegant! :) But of course, centerpieces would be added on the Lazy Susan. We're planning to add mini photo frames and table numbers too.

I super love this set-up. Pink!

These function rooms look so elegant even without drapes and curtains hanging on the ceiling. Maybe because it's the simplicity that makes it elegant. 

Here's how the Empress Ballroom function room looks like without a set-up.  
So I am already imagining the dance floor full of balloons ♥

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