Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Glam to Practical

Last week, mom and I had a debate concerning our wedding expenses. She was aggravated since she thought that Mark and I are over spending our hard earned money. She is trying to make me realize that it’s no longer practical to spend hundreds of thousands just for a single day.

Though Mark and I are going to pay 100% of our wedding expenses, we should also take into consideration mom’s advice. Save for the future and be practical.

And so I looked at our wedding budget sheet, and made different rundowns on our suppliers. Made some adjustments, and tried to look for an alternative supplier who offers better but doesn’t forgo quality. However, we already have some not so practical suppliers that we can’t let go of, since we have already made a down-payment, and unfortunately, it’s no longer refundable. So we have to stick w/ some of our suppliers.
Shall we break the piggy bank or not? :D

I have been such a brash bride-to-be, as if I am running out of time and suppliers. Such an impulsive, hoping that I could get a price-lock until next year.

One budget that we haven’t finalized yet is the reception. We already have the total balance that we need to pay until next year, but we have the choice to change to function rooms that we’re going to rent for the wedding party. Since Mark and I really wanted to have the room that has the grandeur winding stairs, which I have been boasting w/ my friends, we mutually decided to let go of it, and be it the practical way.

Dang, I just realized, the winding stairs I’ve been dreaming of is just good for a debutant. (just a defense mechanism for me. :D but deep inside, I really wanted to get the grand ballroom!) I wanted to go down the stairs while the emcee introduces the newly wed. Quite dramatic, but then we have to cut costs.

Who cares anyway how the new function room would look like? Grandeur or not,  Expensive or inexpensive class, what’s important is the blessing. Just like what mom said to me during our heart-to-heart conversation, whether we spend 500K or 50K for our wedding, people will always have something to say. 

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