Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mercedes Benz & Mini Cooper

Right now, I am really torned whether to get Mercedez Benz or Mini Cooper as our bridal car.

Originally, I wanted to ride a Cadillac and I think this would suit best on our wedding theme. But I’m thinking, riding a Cadillac along the stretch of Makati is kind of unusual, in short weird (FOR ME). Also, the peso power for the rent of Cadillac would be 12,000 for 3 hours (Don Robert's). So of course, we have to let go of this.

Don Robert has other vintage cars too ranging from 8K to 12K. I was about to book him last week, but unfortunately, he never replied to my text messages. He was more prompt to my emails. I tried to call him too, but I couldn't reach him. Maybe because I texted him on a Sunday?

Silver Arrow also constantly emails me, and right now, their Mercedez Benz (2002) is on promo. 
Photo grabbed from Silver Arrow Website

Front View :) isn't it elegant?

Their rate went down to 6,500 from 8,500. They are having this promo since it’s their 1st year anniversary. Couples must book before August 2011 in order to avail this great deal. Right now, I’m still waiting for the contract that Maricar (contact person) promised me the other day. If they couldn’t send it right now, then might as well I should forget booking them, since they cannot deliver the details on time. :D – but still I really want to book them right away. This is such a great steal!!!

Zandel’s Mini Cooper is also on my top list, since I’ve been a fan of Mr. Bean and Mark loves the concept too. This style of bridal car is not usual and seems so unique. Good thing they do accept pencil-bookings, that’s why I already have the slot for May 26 next year. See actual cars below. 

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