Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Purrfect Flowers

I have been an avid fan of Hello Kitty ever since my child hood days, so I am thinking and hoping that I can get a chance to add her as an accent on my wedding day. (quite not possible, because, it means more budget, and it’s quite hard to find a supplier who caters the idea I have in mind I am also thinking that this is a wedding – for Mark and I, not a birthday party. :D But let me take the opportunity to express the ‘want’ I want to have on my big day. So if there's someone who knows a supplier who makes Hello Kitty Bouquets, please let me know ASAP! ☻

If I can't have this on idea on my wedding day, for sure, Mark and I are going to have this on the 1st birthday of our baby! (which would happen 2-3 years from now.) Okay, so I'm thinking too advance right now. Ahehe. But here's the catch, what if our baby is a boy? :D Perhaps a Hello Daniel themed party. ☻

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