Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: Our Wedding Guestbook in the Making

Hello Summer. Hello March. 2 months to go!!! This is it. 

The official wedding countdown starts right now. I’m getting more nervous each day and quite paranoid with the checklist I have right now. What if the checklist I have right now is incomplete? Gee, I think I am turning in to a BRIDEZILLA already! :D ahaha! With only 2 months to go, Mark and I are already stretching ourselves to finish our DIY’s. We are almost done writing names on our invitations, and I have also started working on our DIY Guestbook.

Inspired by Ate Jolen's wedding invitations (feeling close lang) Mark and I opted to DIY our guestbook instead ♥  Not only because it’s more cost-effective, but it would also serve our bonding time together.

We bought the blank guestbook from PAPEMELROTI, and scrapbook materials in NBS. As per the pictures we are going to use on the guestbook, we had some of our prenup pictures printed from Tronix. (3.50 per piece) However, due to my excitement, I lost track of the pictures I saved on my USB, and printed out more than 180 photos. Now I am wondering what we are going to do with the extra prints. :D

Here’s the sample prototype:D I have only started doing the lay out for the guestbook. I can no longer wait to ornate it with the scrapbook materials.  

Now, what pictures do we have  to put on our guestbook. :)

I must say that we were able to accomplish a lot of things yesterday. Documents, shopping for DIY,s and at the same time, we pigged out! :D hihi! 

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