Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding Preparations: Berjaya Manila Hotel

The moment we booked our hotel for the reception, Mark and I decided to get the Honeymoon package on their wedding packages. However, after checking the rooms that are inclusive on their packages - everything had changed and we decided to shed and invest more peso power for our hotel room accommodation. Being an internet savvy bride to be, I found great deals online but quite hesitant to buy groupons since I have heard and read a lot of negative reviews from these fad websites.

Good thing, a friend of mine, recommended this reputable website (which I also confirmed from the hotel that they do accept bookings from this website) and I was able to book their LIMITED early bird rates. Though the taxes are not published on their website, the total charges we are going to incur are still way much lower as compared to their original rates.

Unlike other websites, doesn’t charge your credit card right away. You will only be billed on the day of your check in.

Here are the pictures of the rooms we were able to book thru
Hotel Name: Berjaya Manila Hotel 
We booked 2 Deluxe Rooms (one for my family, then for h2b's family) - for wedding preps 
Then 1 Suite for the night after the wedding. ♥

If you may notice, both of these rooms are almost the the same. The only difference is that the Suite has a separate living room, and of course, bigger. The rooms are quite promising and I must say the rooms we were able to book are quite enough for our families. 


Studio Suite


  1. I agree with the groupon thing. Sometimes, what they are advertising is way different from what you are actually getting. The room is nice sis, and is highly recommened. :)

    1. you're right sis. good thing i called the hotel first before i bought the deal i saw from this groupon site. ♥

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