Friday, February 24, 2012

Helpful tips for Pre-nuptial session

I can say that I’ve been a camera enthusiast ever since the evolution of camera cellphones. I love taking pictures of special events & places and I make sure that I get to take a picture of myself too during these significant events.

Little did I know that having a pre-nuptial pictorial session is not that easy as compared to the normal picture taking. I am not used to in posing in front of other people most especially that this is just not a snip snap posing, but your photographer needs to capture something worth showing to other people, and be printed out on a guestbook and album. WE have to think of poses that would match our personality and theme.

Honestly,  I was never that excited when e-session planning took its place, but as the day of the e-session gets nearer and nearer, I experienced a lot of tension looking for tips and suggestions from other bride to be’s.

Looking at the prenup pictures we have right now, I can truly say that it really showed what’s US in our relationship. Happy, Wacky, Sweet, Loving. Mind you, we had a lot of wacky and candid shots, and there were only handful of pa-sweet shots. It was not an easy pictorial most especially that my h2b is a super camera shy. Thank you KikongManlalarawan for capturing the happy moments during the session! ♥

So here are my tips if you’re going to have a pre-nuptial pictorial

Research about possible prenuptial venue, that would suit your theme. In our case, we chose Philippine Airforce Museum not just because it matched our peg, but the venue rate is also affordable. 

 Research for some poses. Tell your photographer what you want to happen, and what he needs to capture during the pictorial. You must have a very good client-supplier relationship with your PV. Take it from me, it’s not easy posing in front of someone whom you barely now. Also, they get to see the raw shots first, before the client. Haha. (define candid shot faces. Haha! ). Good thing, my PV is my friend, so I felt comfortable working with him).
That's KikongManlalarawan

 Check for possible outfits, and do not bring a lot of clothes during the pictorial. Maximum of 4 outfits would do. During our pictorial, h2b and I brought a lot of outfits. Decide what accessories to bring that would match your outfit. Do not mix and match during the pre-nup session day itself. It would eat too much of your time! (that’s what happened to us) hahaha!

 If you are going to DIY your props, make sure you do it a week in advance.

Prepare you attire the night before. Make sure you make list of things to bring. That way, you won’t miss anything.

 Be on the venue, 2-3 hours before the start time of your pictorial. If you are going to fix your hair and do the make up on the venue, remember, it’s not an easy task to do. Most especially most pre-nup venues do not have a dedicated place for prepping up. In our case, my hair and makeup artist curled my hair for more than 2 hours, and had my makeup done for 30 minutes. So make sure you prepare your own schedule of “things” to do on the venue.  We were supposed to start at exactly 1PM, but the session started at half past two. 

 Bring water and pain reliever during the pre-nup session. Based on my experience, I had a major headache and left with no choice to endure it just for the sake of good shots. Ahehe. Staying under the broad sunlight can really cause a major headache + it rained a bit during our e-session.

Take a good rest, and sleep well the night before the e-session.

 Bring a good friend who can be there to support you.


.   .   During the pictorial, don’t tire yourself too much. Take a rest if you want to. :D The pictorial itself is already tiring, so don’t double your burden.

Lastly, enjoy the day! Make sure to have wacky shots. It will really set up the mood for a good pictorial.

PS. Even if there are some undesirable candid shots, I still consider 'em as one of the best shots! ♥

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