Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marriage license application in Las Pinas

Yesterday, H2b and I already filed an application for our marriage license.Even if there were some problems with my documents everything went really smoothly as expected. I was too worried for the past few days, since my mom’s maiden name was misspelled, and I can no longer afford to file and get another copy CENOMAR and wait for another 7 days :D I was informed by the lady who assisted us during the application what matters most is that my name reflected as Single, and not yet married. ;) Mind you, the whole application process went really fast, except filling out the application forms. I volunteered myself to fill out all the forms, except the interview sheet since h2b’s penmanship isn’t that good. I wouldn’t want the person in-charge of typing the license get a hard time reading the forms; so I thought of writing all the information by myself.

While filling out the form ♥

After 38minutes of writing, (yes, 30 minutes) we immediately submitted the forms to the civil registration, and we were interviewed on the spot too. Don’t worry, the interview isn’t like a normal job interview, but I was really surprised when they only asked us 2 questions. “Buhay pa ba ang magulang nyo?”.

We were able to do and accomplish all the requisites in time, and our licenses are expected to be released on the 27th of February! Thank God! We were able to file the most important document for our big day!

For those who are curious about filing an application of marriage license in Las Pinas, here are the documents you ought to bring:

Photocopy of birth certificate (bride and groom); Yes they do accept photocopies! (1 copy)
Photocopy of CENOMAR (bride and groom) – (1 copy)
Consent of parents; if applicable – but in our case, since we’re on the right age already, consent or advice is no longer needed. Haha!
And lastly, bring your own pen!

***Both parties must be present upon filing of marriage of license. Release of license will be 10 days after filing and submitting all documents.


  1. Hi Katrina,

    I follow your blog. I'm a fellow GT 2012 bride. :) I'm just wondering, what was the purpose written in your CENOMAR. Our househelp got our CENOMAR from NSO kasi. The purpose stated there was for "general purpose". Yan ang nilagay ng NSO staff eh sinabi na ngang magpapakasal kami. Nakakainis!

    Di naman ba magkaproblema if submit our CENOMAR with that purpose? Kakainis, gastos na naman if di naman tatanggapin. :(

  2. hi sis. as far as i know, yung sa cenomar, dapat talaga for marriage ang purpose eh. yun ang inespecify namin. very keen kasi sa details yung sa laspinas, baka ma pansin nila yun pag di marriage purpose ang nakalagay. pero you can still ask them naman if okay lang yun, ang impt lang talaga, is lumabas na single ang name nyo sa records.

  3. How about the seminar? Did u had that too? Ü

  4. Hello there :) Just wanna ask if there's a certain day only ang seminar nila or any day po. :) ty


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