Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY - Bottled water labels

Ever since I found out that the price of bottled water near our place is to some extent affordable, I already thought of doing DIY bottled water on our big day. Though this is not a 100% great idea for my DIY’s (most especially that this is not an OOT wedding), it never stopped me from doing the water labels, just in case this impression would take place!  There are a lot of editable templates you can download on the Internet, and what I came up with using the template I found online! :D  

My mom suggested that we can buy 30 pcs. of bottled water and give it to our guests after the ceremony. But then again, how can we be so sure if the guests are really thirsty right after the ceremony, most especially that the actual wedding rites won't even  last for more than an hour. ☻

Editable templates can be found in: http://ruffledblog.com

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