Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We are "MINT" to be ♥

Mark is into mints and it has been a part of his daily routine to take mints before going to work (to freshen up his breath while talking to me. ) haha, so I thought of adding some mints on our table as an additional centerpiece.

Last year, during the first few months of our wedding preps, I have seen a lot of styles how to use mint candies as a wedding favor. Unfortunately, the rates are unbelievably expensive which I do not find quite practical anymore.  Due to my frustration, I planned to do a DIY and emailed a couple of suppliers who are selling tin cans. Much to my surprise, the tin cans are not that expensive, but if I am going to add the costs of mints plus the materials I am going to use for the DIY, it would sum up and even higher to the actual prize of mint favors I have scouted online.
As luck would have it, I was able to find an alternative way how to pack the candies. I would have to let go of the tin cans and stick to the inexpensive way of course.

I bought 20 mini baskets (1 basket per table - each guest will get their own pack of mints of course); in one of the famous warehouses here in the country: D and 3 dozens of Tic Tac mints. 2 yards of ribbon and here are humble the results:

(Of course, the Mint to be Tags that I used below is just again, a prototype:D ) 

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