Monday, March 12, 2012

Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming, most especially if you’re planning all by yourself. We all know that most of the wedding tasks involve US, we, the bride to be, and there will really come a time that   we experience too much stress and pressure thinking how to make our wedding to be perfect.  So ending, instead of enjoying the wedding preparations, we always feel anxious about it and we become a Bridezilla.

Who wants to be stressed anyway? Wedding preparations should give us a sense of fulfillment and should make us happy. Remember, you cannot do all the planning alone. You need someone to assist you on your big day. If you are not that familiar with the bits and pieces of the wedding preparations, i am pretty sure now is the time to hire a wedding coordinator.

There are many reputable wedding coordinators on the industry nowadays and I am proud to say that two of my friends who also happen to be former brides, together with their hubbies recently teamed up and has opened their wedding coordination services.

And true to its tag, they really know how important each celebration is to a family’s milestone. They know the bits and pieces of wedding planning most especially that they planned for their wedding by themselves. what I really like with their wedding coordination services is that their hubby’s are also part of the team! 

For more information, you may reach them thru the contact information below:
Email Address:
Mobile Number: 0919.585.8720

Rates are also posted on their website: 


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    1. no sis. :) they just started their booming business early this year, and never had the chance to book them since i already booked my WC late last year pa :D


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