Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Checklist

For the benefit of the other bride to be’s who are looking for a wedding checklist, I have compiled the list I’ve used.  These are the things that we should really focus on. If you are trying to trim down your wedding costs, we should focus on the needs, and eliminate the wants. =) If you want to get a copy of the wedding checklist spreadsheet, please do send me an email: bloggingb2b@e-mail.ph

Here’s my checklist.

Church Ceremony:
Church Venue Fee – we booked Don Bosco, and booked their non AC package. What I really love about them is they are really accommodating; this fee already includes all seminars. Some churches still require you to pay an extra amount if you are going to attend their seminar. We had 4 appointments with them. (Canonical Interview, Pre-Cana Seminar, Marriage Counseling and Wedding Rehearsal)

Pen For Signing of Contract – We DIY’d this; and matched the colors with our motif. We used crystal and beans in designing these cute pens.
Ring and Coin Bearer pillow
Unity Coins
Unity Cord
Unity Veil
Offertory – cruets, ciborium, candles, fruits, flowers
Wedding Choir – so this is the cons if you book Don Bosco. Singer/pianist is not included on their package. So you really have to get your own musician.

Legal Papers
Birth Certificate – must be accredited by NSO. This can be ordered online, or you can request this from NSO or thru SM Business Centers. This is needed if you are going to get your marriage license
Baptismal Certificate – must have a stamp that says FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES; needed by the church
Confirmation Certificate - must have a stamp that says FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES; needed by the church
Cenomar – this is needed by the municipal where in you are going to apply for your marriage license. This is a proof that indicates you are not yet married to someone else
Wedding Banns – forms will be provided by the church wherein the wedding ceremony would take place. These will be posted for 3 consecutive Sundays at the bride and groom’s parish priest. Some churches announce the date of the wedding during Sunday masses, while other churches post the couple’s picture on their bulletin board.

Invitations – I made our own layout, and had it printed from someone who also makes wedding invitations
Missalette – DIY as well
Guestbook – DIY

Wedding Gown – this should include your veil, carrying bag & tiara (if applicable)
Bride’s shoes – I bought pink bridal shoes – my favorite color and part of our wedding motif
Groom’s Tux – H2b’s wearing coat & tie; belt and cuff links
Groom’s Shoes – GBX, leather
Best Man Attire
Groomsmen Attire
Maid of Honor Dress
Bride’s Maids Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses
Ring Bearer Attire
Jewelry Accessories

Bride Bouquet – We had this DIY’d. We used crystals and beads
Maid of Honor Bouquet
Flower Girl – instead of carrying flowers, my little girls are going to carry teddy bears and one here comes the bride sign
Bride Maid’s Wrister – to eliminate cost, we opted to get wristers for them
Corsages – just like my pink bouquet, all of my ninangs are going to wear corsages.
Offertory flowers
Church Décor
Reception Centerpieces

Wedding Bands/ Wedding Rings

Photography/ Videography
E-session venue
Prenup portraits
Back up photographer
Picture AVP
Wedding Teaser

Gift and favors
Principal Sponsors Gifts
Generic Favors

Wellness & Beauty

Hair and Make up



Bridal Car
Hotel accommodations 
Wedding Coordinator 


  1. waaaah thanks for this! I am a hoping to be a bride to be and your posts are so helpful.

    Gunna make my own Excel checklist soon!!

    BTW, tagged you an award here :) http://christiasworld.blogspot.com/2012/03/liebster-blog-award-anfd-top-7-things.html

  2. oh sis! no need to create your own excel sheet! i have an excel sheet too:) let me know if you need it, or if you have a friend who's getting married soon, i can send it as well. ♥ it's really helpful and for sure, if you use it, you wouldn't miss anything. hehe!
    thank you so much for the tag!!! i really appreciate it! mwah! all the best! ♥♥♥


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