Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our matching wedding rosaries

Praying the rosary has been a tradition for both of our families. Mark and I also make it a point that we pray the rosary as we go to our respective office every day. Mark would use his fingers to count the mysteries, while I would use the mini rosary that my mom gave me as a birthday present last year.
Since rosary played a big role on our relationship, I also decided to have our own customized rosaries. 1 for Mark and 1 for myself ;) To tag on our wedding colors, Mark would have a brown rosary while I get to have a pink one. Before we get married, I am planning to have it blessed to maintain its significance.
Hazel, who also made our wedding cord will custom the rosaries for us. Since she isn’t Catholic and doesn’t know much about rosaries, I had to lend her my own rosary so she could copy it.
Here are the crystals and beads she’s going to use to make the entire rosary. The brown crystals are not yet available. I'll post it some time next week ♥

Crystals and beads that Hazel would use to custom our rosaries. These are the same beads that she used for our wedding cord

Swarovski, crystals & beads

I'll take pictures as soon as she brings  the beads and crystals she's going to use for Mark's brown rosary.
I can no longer wait to get the finished product! ♥ Below are some samples of matching rosaries I have searched from Google

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