Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding gown = checked! ♥

Last Sunday, h2b and I went to Rosy’s bridal shop to have our first fitting. It was such a fun experience since I got to try some wedding gowns available on their racks. Much to my surprise, almost all of the wedding gowns that are for rent fits my size, except the serpentine cut. :D I can truly tell that a girl’s aura really changes if she’s already wearing a wedding gown. To maintain the element of surprise, I will not post pictures of my wedding gown. But let me share the pictures that h2b took during our visit at RBC. 

I am also thankful that h2b already agreed to wear a suit instead of barong. ♥ 
Disclaimer: Pictures below are not the actual wedding gown pictures

For those who are curious about the prices of wedding gowns in Rosy’s bridal shop,their starting rates would be 1,295 and the most expensive gown they have is 30,000 (yes, you read that right, 1,295) The sad part here is that, I can no longer have the dream wedding gown design I have been raving for quite some time, since the design that I showed them costs 18,000. So say good bye to ruffles, but hello to laces and rosettes. ;) 
By the way, since Rosy’s bridal shop is on sale right now, and was kind enough to give me huge discount on my wedding gown, we were able to get a 3k plus discount! ♥

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