Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our sample wedding invitations

Earlier this morning, I printed the invitation template I have edited the other day to check how the actual size would look like. To my surprise, I was very happy with the results and my friends who saw the sample were really amazed by my DIY layout invitations. I found more ways to be inspired and to do more DIY’s for the wedding. Designing our own layouts for the invites was a great move for us to cut down wedding costs. Good thing I was able to find an alternative way how to design our invites, most especially that I have been dying about damask invitations! Damask invites these days cost 60 pesos and above.
Here’s a quick look of our invitation layout. Yes, we do not have an envelope, but what I love about this is the sticker that we would use in front of the main cover with our initials on it. Unfortunately, the colored printers here in the office are not working (Thank  you Joseph, haha) that’s why the sample I printed was just black and white. Nevertheless, it still looks great (for me and my friends) :D
I had to edit the picture to blur out the names and other wedding details on the invite, so please bear with the quality of the pictures. 

Of course, for the actual invite, the staple wires won't be visible anymore, plus we are going to use specialty papers. To top it all, the text would be embossed. ♥  And instead of black and white, the colors would be Brown and Pink
Here's my inspiration when I created these lovely invites (ehem)

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