Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping for wedding accessories

Yesterday, H2b and I went to SM Mall of Asia to watch Praybeyt Benjamin ;) However, since it’s been awhile since the last time we strolled the mall with more than enough money on our pockets, we actually ended up buying some of the wedding paraphernalia’s we are going to use on the wedding ceremony :D
We already bought 5 stuffed toys for the flower girls (stuffed toys in lieu of flowers), arrhae, and the bible.
Bible – St Paul’s – we bought it for only 300.00. I’m going to ornate the front cover with beads instead of buying a pre-decorated bible. Pre decorated bible costs 1000 and up these days.
Arrhae – Wedding Library – I am not familiar with the price of arrhaes, but we only bought our arrhae for only 179.00.
Stuffed toys – Toy Kingdom – We bought 5 stuffed toys for our flower girls. Instead of them carrying a basket filled with flowers, we opted to have them carry white teddy bears instead. To prevent these cute bears from getting dusty, we had them individually wrapped. Thank you Toy Kingdom for offering free gift wrapping services! ;) Each bear costs 100.00 each.
We also canvassed some barongs that Mark would wear on our big day, and to my surprise, the barong that Mark wants to wear is a whooping 7,000 pesos! Hopefully they get to offer this on their 50% off rack so we could buy this Piña Barong. ;)  

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