Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suppliers Review: Rosys Bridal Shop (Wedding Gown)

Wedding Attire: Rosys Bridal Shop óóóóó (5 stars)
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I didn't have a bridal form - good thing a good friend of mine (Thanks Joyce) gave me a customized wedding hanger as a wedding present. 

With my 3 beautiful sister in laws ♥
We really got a very great deal with Rosy’s and we never had problems dealing with them. With all negative reviews I have read about them on the Internet, it was such a relief that hubby and I didn’t encounter any problems with them. I loved how they made Mark’s suit and it just looks good on him.

On the other hand, I couldn’t say that I love the way they made my wedding gown, because it wasn’t really designed for me – but I felt that it has been designed exclusively for me, because the gown I wore during my wedding day was  RTW (ready-to-wear). Indeed! I never provided any design nor experienced several fittings, since this gown was just perfect for my size. Now, who would have thought that this is an RTW gown, eh? :D 

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