Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suppliers Review: Crystals and Beads (Wedding Paraphernalia)

Wedding Paraphernalia: Crystals and Beads óóóóó(5 stars)
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Everyone loved our wedding accessories, most especially my wedding bouquet. This is actually a labor of love by my friend, but since I have paid her, might as well give her the well-deserved supplier’s review.  I am not giving her 5 stars because she’s my friend, but because she was able to make such stunning paraphernalia’s. Hazel, the brainchild of Crystals and Beads has such a vivid imagination, and can turn any ideas to something tangible. Just like my wedding bouquet, which was supposed to be plain pink became a stunning Hello Kitty bouquet.

She was also the one who made our customized wedding cord (as her gift to Mark and I), the crystal pens and boutonnieres. 

More of Crystals and Beads: http://crystalsandbeads.blogspot.com/

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