Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suppliers Review: Zandels Mini Cooper (Bridal Car)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates: 6,000 – 4 hours rent, Just Married Plate, Flowers plus a very nice kuya driver!

I didn't cry as i marched the aisle, but i cried before
i went outside the car!
It's not that easy to get outside of mini cooper most especially
if you're wearing a gown plus a high heeled shoes ☻

Two thumbs up for this supplier! My guests were amazed and stunned by our bridal car. Everyone wanted to take a picture of it. Though I am REALLY the star during that day, it was as if I am some sort of super sikat na artista (Sarah G, i suppose) hehe ☻. All the people on the road while we’re on our way to the church, would stop and take a picture of me. (or the car lang ata talaga) hehe. Kids and oldies waved their hands at me, as they see the bridal car along the stretch of Makati.

Added point was that kuya driver was really nice. He was very supportive and concern about my giddy feelings. I can still remember that he held my bouquet and hanky, because he saw that I am already experiencing heebie-jeebies due to over-excitement. Kudos to you kuya for the concern you have shown to me that day. 


  1. Cute naman ng story. Yung car nang-aagaw ng moment!

    1. true! :) hehe. daming nag pa picture sa car, hindi sakin. LOL


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