Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suppliers Review: Rachebeli Wines (Souvenirs)

Rating: óóóóó (5 stars)
Rates: 4,700+ (2 dozens of Black Plum wine, 2 dozens of chocolates)

While I had a hard time looking for generic favors for our guests, I never had difficulties scouting for a supplier that would provide affordable yet elegant souvenirs for our principal sponsors. WE are the lucky couple who were able to grab the opportunity of their group buying promo.

Chelo is very easy to deal with, very down to earth and religious. She makes sure to update you about the progress of your orders. When she delivered our orders last May 23, I was really happy to see her and was really amazed by her personality. We instantly clicked! 

All of our ninongs and ninangs really loved the wines we gave them. Sayang lang, since the wines were such a big hit during our wedding day, we weren’t able to keep our own wine as a souvenir. But at least, we still have the cappuccino bars.

Some might say that wine giveaways for principal sponsors are already “gasgas” – but I never had any regrets booking them because their wines don’t look gasgas after all. THEY ARE ABOVE THE EDGE; ELEGANT; BEAUTIFUL and REALLY WORTH IT! 

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