Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

My new year comes with happiness. On the first day of the New Year 2016, I come to witness the marriage of my friend Olivia.

Ten years ago, Olivia totally hated marriage, just like Max in Two Broke Girls. She might never imagine that she would marry someone then. But Frankie showed up and changed her. I am so glad that Olivia can marry to a man who loves her, heart and soul. Olivia smiles all the time on her wedding day.

And here are some wedding dresses UK we choose before her wedding:

These are totally different ones:
1.    The first one is strapless and mermaid. Olivia has an attractive figure and she should obviously put mermaid dresses in the first place. Only the mermaid silhouette can show up her sexy curves. And this one will not be too tight to make her feel uncomfortable. Besides, the exquisite lace applique really appeals to Olivia’s taste. The dress shows the wear’s elegance with a slight touch of royalty. So it takes some time for us to decide which one to choose.

2.    The second one is the ball gown without sleeves. Lace on the shoulders make the dress kind of vintage. And the designer chooses the ball gown silhouette to suit the retro shoulder details. And if you think it's an elegant style dress, you are wrong. The back part is partially transparent decorated with floral applique. The belt round the waist “reshapes” the body. So this one is really elegant front, and sexy back.

3.    The greatest characteristic of the third bridal gown is the ruffles below the waist. The silhouette is princess style. But the ruffle flowers make the dress like the ball gown. And I thought it was taken from the fashion show when I and Olivia first saw the dress. There are so many layers at the lower part. And the back is lace-up. Lace-up is always my favourite back detail.

4.    To me, the last one is the most fashionable one. The hemline is court train. All the layers are made of different fabrics including lace, tulle and fur. And the floral appliques are really amazing. Olivia and I love this dress even more after clicking the dress and seeing the pictures of the lace flower. Around the waist, there is a ribbon. But the only thing is that the colour is Ivory while Olivia needs white.

Although all these dresses are amazing, we still have to choose one. So here I have a question for you. Do you know which one Olivia chose? The first, the second the third or the last one.

And goodbye chics. Happy New Year!

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