Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teen Bloggers go bold yet vintage in a Long Prom Dress from Dressfashion

Hello everyone, I am Hannah, a teen blogger searching for my perfect prom dress now. Only the one who is going to wear a prom dress knows what’s in style and which prom dress would be trendy in 2017. I am a teen fashion writer, and I have been blogging for 5 years since I am still a little girl. This dress reseller Dressfashion reaches out me to ask whether I could share some experience about what’s trending now this year.

Now the prom season is not officially begun. But many of my friends have been looking for one thing already: long dresses – lot of gorgeous long prom dresses. I am shocked by all these stunning tulle prom dresses online. Many girls prefer classic & elegant style prom dresses, so this year, I am seeing elegance would be one of the prom dress trends. Long prom dresses with more structure and cutouts are much preferred by girls in my age. And the bright colors, romantic lace, and chic embellishments are so much loved by my classmates.
From my sharing and loving from my Facebook, Pinterest and, I see a return of more sophisticated prom looks. I am checking everything’s going on Instagram and Twitter. Some of the teen celebrity dresses are influencing our teen girl’s choices of prom dress and makeup. But sometimes, they look too hot for young girls. Some teens are extremely aware of styles and fashion, and pay more attention to, watch other people’s looks and turn them into their own styles. In fact, in my first prom, I chose a classic look and showcased a more feminine look. This year, I tried to find a vintage long prom dress inspired from the 1930s in a second-hand dress store. When I saw this dress at the first sight, I fell in love. It has a shining hand-beaded bead and the light pink color look like the first love bubbles. This vintage long prom dress will never be out of fashion.
I don’t want to choose a mini body-con prom dresses that are super tight and short. Prom is one of the most big, special and formal night for me. I would be love to choose a dress that can be remembered in the rest of my life. When I see girls wearing mini dress, I believe they are too informal for the special night, though they also tried to look good for that.

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