Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Time for Blings - Prepare for the New Year Eve

When I was a little girl, I so look forward to the Christmas holidays and New Year Eva. It has about a month’s holiday waiting for me. The 4-week holidays seem to be the most cheerful time in the whole year. 

The precious time at the end of the year always passes so quickly. I like the holiday because of that kind of feeling to be thankful and relaxed. And mostly, I love to watch most of the girls will dress up with big smiles for the New Year Eve.

Have you ever prepared the dresses for New Year eve? I believe the gold, red, and velvet colors are my favorite holiday dressing elements this year. And what would be yours? I love to wear all kinds of jeans all year long. But girls will never lose any chance to show off their beauty, like this time of the year, I have found a red long sleeve and backless prom dress for my New Year eve.
red prom dress
I prefer the light tone outfit when working in the office. But for my New Year, I prefer the red color. Whether here in Los Angeles really is sunny. With the bright sunshine, I choose a short one
"Wear short prom dresses to match the warm weather" – That is how I feel. LOL. And I found a daring backless prom dress. It is easy to pair a sparkling high heel with it.

This long sleeve prom dress design has been very popular for several seasons — it can be worn for the Christian (no strapless, no two-piece), keep warm, and look stunning. The same style can be custom made in several colors, and this red one is my personal favorite.

Anyway, this online retailer has many prom dresses in some sort of a neutral color — not those really sexy, super-hot ones, though. 

If you are willing to try the sparkly formal dress for the Christmas, I suggest you begin with this UK online seller— they have many gorgeous prom dresses that really stand out!

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